We get asked from time to time,  "How can I get my teaching program on WIAM?"  Good question!  Here's our answer:

  • The spirit of the teaching program must be in agreement with the Statement Of Faith of Calvary Knoxville
  • The normal teachings contained in each program (aside from seasonal or topical specials) must be expository in nature, which would reflect at least one service a week at your church.
  • The pastor and/or church from which the teachings are derived from must be of good reputation in the community.
  • The production quality of the program must be consistent with the shows currently airing on WIAM.
  • Program length must not be any greater than 26:30
  • Programs must be accessible via FTP
  • Content of actual teaching in each program must be no less than 70% of the total show length.
  • There must be an open time slot that is available, according to the programming structure and strategy of WIAM.
  • Airplay Agreements would be generated for negotiation and execution after the aforementioned criteria have been met. Pricing and other financial considerations will be provided at the time of negotiation, and must comply with any FCC obligations as it relates to the operation of this station as it has been licensed.
  • Please keep in mind some of these requirements might be viewed as subjective but they are nevertheless our requirements and are in place to maintain a level of quality, professionalism and scriptural authenticity we believe is essential that we will ultimately be held accountable for.