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Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover!

What is KEEM? 

KEEM is a home weatherization project designed to help participants make their homes more comfortable, energy-efficient, and reduce costs. Eligible homes will be pre-audited.  Once approved by KEEM auditors the home will receive upgrades from a professional qualified KEEM contractor.  Participants will be able to reduce their energy consumption and take control of their utility bills.  Being comfortable and energy-efficient, saving money, and doing the right thing for the environment is what KEEM is all about!      

Who can apply?

·         Single-family homes (includes duplexes) in Knoxville—if you live in the county still call!

·         Renters welcome (will need landlord permission)

·         Electric primary heat source & water heater (if you have gas still call!)

·         Home is at least 20 years old

·         Household income at or below 80% of HUD area median

·         Home must pass Pre-Audit to receive retrofits

·         Home owner/renter attends a Savings in the House workshop.

Where can I apply?

You can apply for KEEM at the following times and locations:

  • West Center, 2247 Western Ave – Upper Level MWF, 8-4:45

  • East Center, 4200 Asheville HWY, M-F 8-4:45

  • South Center, 522 Maryville Pike, T& TH, 8-4:45

Note:  The North Center is not taking applications at this time.


Call 244-3080