Where it all begins

Without the sinless life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, this radio station wouldn't exist.  We exist, because He does.  Regardless of where you were born, how you were raised, or what deeds you have done, everyone comes on equal footing to the foot of the cross.  The color of your skin doesn't matter, but the color of His blood does. Jesus paid a real price for all of our real sins so we don't have to spend eternity separated from the Lover of our souls.   For real. 


Not your typical "Christian Radio"

One of the keys to living your life as a Christian is balance.  WIAM believes in a balance between music that worships Jesus and inspires His followers, and theologically sound studies that don't teach FROM the Bible, but teach THE Bible.  Our desire is that God's Word speaks to you about everything the Bible has to say as often as God wrote about it!


He's bigger than our signal!

In case you haven't noticed, WIAM is licensed as a Low Power FM.  While broadcasting as an LPFM has advantages, it also has disadvantages.  However, Low Power doesn't mean "no power," as God has provided other ways for you to listen to solid Bible teaching and music of inspiration, no matter where you work or live.