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Through sound doctrinal teaching and meaningful music of praise and worship, WIAM points THE WAY to Jesus Christ 24 hours a day, ministering the love of God to Knoxville and around the world @!

A Solidarity of Hate (2nd Half Hour) October 13th, 2017

SOTT Archives

Technology - The Rapture - Political and Social Issues - The Antichrist - Wars and Tensions - Israel - Personal Values - The Second Coming - Current Events - The Millenial Kingdom

Join us weekly to discuss and learn how the things happening in our world today, point to God's Word as... Signs of the Times. 

A Solidarity of Hate (2nd Half Hour) October 13th, 2017

Signs Of The Times

Terror groups and the countries that support them are coming together to try taking Israel out on multiple fronts.  Meanwhile China is slowly becoming solidified in how they want to pay for things and influencing other countries to follow.  Pastor Mark shares how all this lines up with the last days.

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