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Through sound doctrinal teaching and meaningful music of praise and worship, WIAM points THE WAY to Jesus Christ 24 hours a day, ministering the love of God to Knoxville and around the world @!

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (1st Half Hour) 06/24 Show

SOTT Archives

Technology - The Rapture - Political and Social Issues - The Antichrist - Wars and Tensions - Israel - Personal Values - The Second Coming - Current Events - The Millenial Kingdom

Join us weekly to discuss and learn how the things happening in our world today, point to God's Word as... Signs of the Times. 

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (1st Half Hour) 06/24 Show

Signs Of The Times

Neil Sedaka's hit song from 1975 might come to life as the people of the world's 5th largest economy have said "it's over" to the European Union.  Pastor Mark discusses the potential pro and con and the prophetic aspect.

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